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Certified Member of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers.
One Stop Legal Document Services, LLC
A non-lawyer document preparation service
Christa Adkins, owner of Pro Se One Stop Document Services, LLC, based in Miami, serving all of South Florida.

About Me

Dedicated to saving you time and money

We are not attorneys and we do not offer legal advice, but we do provide high quality legal document preparation services with a high attention to detail mostly for family and civil matters. We are conscientious of our costumer’s unique, individual needs and differing legal scenarios.

Our mission

Pro Se One Stop Legal Document Services, LLC offers personalized, one-on-one services to allay your fears and arm you with the knowledge to handle your own legal matters with utmost confidence. You will work very closely and personally with your legal document specialist to achieve your legal goals.
Pro Se One Stop Legal Document Services, LLC is not a substitute for an attorney and we do not offer legal advice. We simply recognize the dilemma placed upon the consumer who cannot afford or chooses not to incur the high cost of attorney’s fees. Without any assistance in preparing legal documents and forms, many consumers go without taking legal action or simply go at the legal system lost and alone, which can often lead to devastating results. Not all legal matters require an attorney. We offer a low-cost alternative by helping you fill out and file the necessary documents and forms; and teach you how to monitor your case. We look forward to serving you!
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Family Law Document Preparation

Civil Law Document Preparation

Criminal Law Document Preparation